What You Need to Know About UV Lights

What To Know About UV Lights

Businesses and livelihoods have been severely affected by the COVID pandemic. So businesses have begun looking for ways to protect themselves and their customers. One of these is UV Light technology like our Far UV Light technology. However, many people are still wondering what the use of UV lights really means for them.

UV Lights and You

A new trend has been sprouting up because of the recent COVID pandemic. This trend is to find ways to effectively disinfect areas of a business, or event. And one of the results of this trend is the general use of UV lights to disinfect surfaces and the air. In case you’re still on the fence regarding UV lights we’re here to explain a few of the things that you’re going to want to know about UV lights.

UV Lights Have Been Used in The Medical Field Since Its Inception

UV lights have been around since the early 1940s and their antimicrobial properties were noticed fairly early on. As time went by, UV lights slowly grew to become a common sight in the medical field. However, it was only used to disinfect tools and surfaces since there wasn’t a way to properly control the intensity of the UV lights. Today that is no longer the case as we can easily control it’s wavelength with a flick of the switch. 

There Are Many Different Wavelengths of UV Light

We’ve mentioned that you can control the wavelength of UV lights with a simple flick of the switch. The various wavelengths of UV lights range from the low end of the spectrum which are completely harmless, to the incredibly strong which can scorch skin and even cause diseases like cancer. However, with proper regulation, UV lights can become a powerful tool for disinfecting surfaces, tools and even human skin.

The Far UV Wavelength of UV Lights is Safe for Regular Use 

There is a sweet spot for UV lights where it is fully capable of sterilizing surfaces, the air, and your skin without being harmful. This spectrum of UV light is called Far UV and is a very small wavelength from 200-230nm. This spectrum of UV light is an excellent wavelength for use in businesses, but only recently has it become affordable for general use by businesses.

Current Technology Makes UV Lights in Businesses an Affordable and Effective Way to Keep the Pandemic Out of Your Business

In the past, UV light technology was too bulky, expensive and unsafe to use in a business setting. However, recent advancements in technology like in our Safe UV technology system have made the safe use of UV lights not only possible but also affordable. Our Safe UV technology can fit in the palm of your hand and can easily be placed in areas where there is a large amount of human traffic. This makes it easy to keep the pandemic out of your business.

Final Thoughts

UV Lights are an incredible technology that has become the backbone of many businesses that want to keep their business and customers safe during a pandemic. We hope that this article clears up a few things regarding UV lights so you can make the decision of using it or not.

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