Understanding the Effects of COVID-19 on Business

With the virus wreaking havoc around the world, many things have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Not only did it affect the lives of many people but even how businesses functioned. 

Due to the pandemic, the way people have worked and how businesses functioned has drastically changed. Although it is still unclear if it will continue to shift in the future, what we can do right now is focus on what is present and what we can do to keep businesses up and running for the economy.

What has changed in the business world since the pandemic outbreak?

Work From Home

Since the first wave of the pandemic, workers from all over the world had to transition to work from home due to the fact that a lot of places had to be put into lockdown. Non-essential workers were not allowed to leave their houses to go to their work site. WIth this, many businesses have resorted to letting their employees work from home.

At first, there were a lot of employees who were struggling, even now due to noisy environments, unstable internet connection, and many distractions. But some were able to adapt quickly and get into the groove of working from home.

On-Site Work

There are businesses and corporations who were not able to work even with the rising numbers of people who tested positive for the Coronavirus. This is because essential workers were needed to work on-site.

Many were scared with the uncertainty of their safety. Scared for their life if they were to ever get the virus and scared for the lives of their families that live with them. However, some were fine with the setup because at least they wouldn’t have to experience the big change of switching from on-site working to working from home. 

Going Digital

With almost everyone in lockdown, most of the people were not able to go out, buy the things they wanted, etc. With that, some businesses begin to plummet as they start to lose customers. Luckily, we are in the modern age where technology has and is continuing to advance. With our current technology, businesses are beginning to go digital. Digital in a sense that they can offer their services online such as online shops for clothes, food, etc. and of course, workers who are working from home have also started to use technology as a way to communicate with their colleagues.


Many agree that the pandemic has hastened the acceptance of remote jobs. This means that many people will have a better work-life balance, while individuals who are unable to operate in a traditional office environment would have more opportunities.

Employers continued to hire despite the uncertainties, and more than half of them outperformed expectations during the pandemic. Given the unpredictability of the event, firms may wish to revisit their forecasting models and see if there is any space for improvement.


Since these insights may mean different things for different industries, businesses, employers, and managers, having this kind of information is critical as we handle COVID-19 and its consequences and to know how it has changed the business world.

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