Things You Should Do When Working From Home

Working from home is something many of us have to deal with ever since COVID-19 arrived

Working from home is not really new, however, with COVID-19 forcing companies and other businesses to shut down physical operations, working from home became our “new normal.” 

How to Handle COVID-19 When Working From Home

COVID-19 has compelled many companies to retort to remote working in order for them to continue to operate. This sudden change had a huge effect on work and how we usually work. With lockdowns and many restrictions being implemented, you would naturally have a hard time working on-site. 

So, with many companies making their employees work from the comfort of their homes, what are the things employees and higher-ups should know and work on before starting to work from home.

Have a Specific Workspace at Home

Working from home may be hard at first, but it get easier as time goes by. To make working from home a lot easier and to make sure that you stay productive — choose a space in your house where you get less interactions with family members or roommates and make sure that it’s quiet in that space.

Allotting a specific space where you can work will help you stay focused and more productive. It also tells your brain that that specific space is for working since working everywhere in your house, especially your bed will result to decreased focus and productivity. 

Create a Schedule

When working from home, some companies become less strict with the time you start to work and the time you clock out. With this, you become lenient and may start to slack of. To avoid this, it would be best to create your own schedule.

Creating a schedule will help you to stay on track of your work. Having a schedule that you follow will ensure that you’re finishing all of your deadlines on time. It would also be a good practice to create both a home and work schedule — from when you wake up to the time you start working. 

Setup Meetings with Your Team

The new setup of working from home may or may not be easy for everyone since each and every employee have different circumstances. So, it would be great if your team is able to allot time to have online meetings at least once a week to check up on each other.

Having online meetings with your team will help you to create a friendly space where you can check up if everyone is in need if help in work and etc. This will release tension from having to shift from working on-site to working from home. 

Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks is healthy for both physical and mental health. You give yourself time to breathe and clear your head so that you can work more efficiently. 

Take a walk, make yourself coffee, play with your pet, just allow your mind to rest from all the work. And once your mind is a lot more clear, you can start to work again. 

Allow Yourself to Adjust

With the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, we didn’t have too much time to adjust to our new normal quickly. And working from home is incredibly hard, especially if you’re used to working on-site with your co-workers. So, allow yourself to adjust and ask help from your employer if needed. 

Final Thoughts

Working from home becomes a lot easier as time passes. So, as long as you follow the tips we’ve listed above, you’ll have a faster and easier time to adjust. 

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