The Worst Disinfecting Mistakes Businesses are Making

Disinfecting your business should always be a top priority when there’s a pandemic running rampant. However, you might be making a few critical disinfecting mistakes that could do more harm than good. These mistakes can cause your business to lose thousands in dollars and could open you up to lawsuits from angry customers as well. So you need to make sure you know what to avoid when it comes to disinfecting your business.

The Most Common Disinfecting Mistakes Businesses Make

Making mistakes while disinfecting your business should never be a problem that you worry about every time you do it. And we want to make sure you know what to look out for and avoid to make sure that you can keep your business safe from the pandemic with this list.

Irregular Disinfecting Schedules

One of the most common issues that many businesses have when it comes to disinfecting is that they don’t regularly do it. Pathogens can easily spread from the original point of contact over time. The worst part is that the longer you leave an area to sit, the higher the chance that someone is going to catch it. So you need to ensure that you have a regular schedule when it comes to disinfecting.

Combining Disinfectants Together

The vast majority of disinfectants have a very specific formulation that works under certain circumstances. In this case, it’s to clean up any pathogens that might be on any surfaces you spray or wipe it on. So you might think that combining brand X and brand Z disinfectants will disinfect things twice as effectively. More is better right? In some situations it certainly is, however, not when it comes to the use of disinfectants. 

Combining disinfectants can lead to the solution becoming ineffective at doing its job. In some rare instances it might even create a chemical reaction that could hurt whoever is standing nearby. So avoid mixing disinfectants together unless it is explicitly stated that you can do so. Luckily our Far UV technology can be used alongside regular chemical disinfectants to keep areas free from microbes.

Not Reading the Label

Another big issue that many business owners have is that they simply buy disinfectants without reading the label. Labels are there to serve as guides to the product. Reading it will easily give you an upper hand when it comes to making the most of your disinfectant. However, not reading it will mean that you can miss out on crucial details that could affect its effectiveness. 

For example, instructions regarding how long you leave the disinfectant on a surface is very helpful. Leaving the disinfectant on a surface for less than the recommended amount could mean that pathogens can be left behind and even be picked up by whoever is wiping the disinfectant off.

Not Using the Right Tools for The Job

Just like in business, your disinfection process is only as good as the tools that you use. You need to make sure that the tools at your disposal are the best available. Otherwise you might be putting your customers and employees at risk from things other than the pathogens that they may catch while disinfecting. 

Final Thoughts

Making mistakes is part of running a business. But making disinfecting mistakes that could put people’s lives at risk is a major problem that puts your business at risk as well. You need to make sure that you know about these common disinfecting mistakes so you can ensure everyone’s safety in your business.

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