How to Keep Your Customers Protected from COVID-19?

With COVID-19 still very active, as a business, we should not only prioritize our employees’ health and well-being but also our customers. They are your source of income and foundation. They are the highlight of one’s business because, without them, businesses would fail. 

So being able to protect your customers from the virus should be prioritized. But how? Below, we listed a few ways you can keep your customers protected. Because realistically speaking, a business is liable for what happens to a customer when they are within your establishment. So, who would want to choose a business that does not prioritize its customers’ wellbeing?

Ways to Keep Your Customers Protected

Keep Your Business/Establishment Clean and Sanitized

The first and most important way to keep not only your employees protected but also your customers is to make sure that your business is well-maintained, cleaned, and sanitized everyday. 

If your business has people coming in and out of the establishment, then that would mean that numerous people come inside and out, not knowing what type of bacteria they have carried from outside. So cleaning and sanitizing everyday should be a must. 

Not to mention, you should always keep an alcohol dispenser and a sanitizing mat at your entrance to at least minimize the bacteria that is brought inside.

So make sure that cleaning tools such as bleach, mops, UV lights, and many more are available to make sure that your business is clean. 

Mask On

Make sure that everyone inside the establishment is wearing a mask to keep yourself and other people protected. If by chance they refuse to wear a mask, then they should not be allowed inside.

Communicate with Your Customers through Different Means

Have different channels where you can communicate with your customers such as having a business email, phone number, etc. This is to make sure that your customer does not have to go directly to your business but would still be able to avail of your products or services. 

For example, if your business is food, then you can have your customers call in their order and when their food is ready, they can have it delivered to them or they can just pick it up when it is done. This is so that they won’t have to come directly to the establishment but your business is still operating. 

Having minimal contact with people is the best way to keep your customer protected.

Limit The Number of Customers Allowed Inside

If your business requires people to go inside your establishment, then the best way to keep your employees and customers protected is to limit the number of people inside. This way, there would be minimal contact between customer to customer.

Social Distancing

Lastly, social distancing. Even if you do limit the number of people inside your establishment but they do not properly socially distance themselves, then there is no point. Make sure that each customer is at least 1 meter away from each other from lines and tables. This is so that you can minimize that contact there is between customers.


Your customers’ well-being is very important for every business because, without them, your business would most likely fail. So make sure that you properly keep your business environment safe for them and your employees by following this guide.

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