Great Ways to COVID Proof Your Business

The COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc on businesses all around the world. This has caused COVID-19 to have had a profound impact on both our work and personal life. You’ve probably felt the pressure if you run a business. You must now incorporate tactics for maintaining staff and customers secure, rather than only focusing on supplying items and/or services. It’s difficult, particularly when circumstances change on a daily basis. 

Luckily, in our current generation, there are many resources available to support you in keeping your staff and customers safe so that your business can continue to prosper given the outbreak of COVID-19.

So, how should you keep your business COVID-free?

Health and Safety

One of the topmost priorities is the health and safety of both your employees and customers.


You must disinfect every corner of your business, especially those high-touch surfaces and objects such as door handles. This will help you reduce the risk of the virus sticking on the surface/object. 

Social Distancing

If your business requires your employees and customers to go to your business physically, make sure that you practice social distancing. This will reduce any close contact in a worst-case scenario that one of your employees or customers is COVID-positive. 

Safety Protocols

Make sure that you implement all the safety protocols such as wearing masks, using alcohol and washing your hands frequently, social distancing, and many more.

Create A Communication Plan

Creating a communication plan with your team, your employees, suppliers, etc. will help you to find a common ground and talk about the things that need to be talked about such as schedules, updates about the business or supplies, etc. 

Make sure to entrust someone to create a precise communication plan as this will make or break the business especially with the pandemic. Great communication is vital since some businesses have their employees work from home.

Prepare to Adapt

With the sudden outbreak, all of us were not prepared for how the world would turn out. And this goes out to almost every business on the market. Businesses were not prepared and were left dumbfounded when most of the businesses had to close down. 

But now that most of the businesses have learned how to deal with COVID-19, you still must be prepared to adapt to whatever will happen. Whether the pandemic gets worse or better, make sure that you adapt quickly to the change to keep the business up and running.


Financial risk and consequences should be factored into any emergency or contingency plan. Monitor and check your cash flow estimate on a regular basis, and seek ways to cut non-essential spending. Examine your accounts receivables and identify any credit risks.

Have you had a financial cushion from which to draw? Several entrepreneurs have money in the bank. Another alternative is to obtain a business line of credit ahead of time so that you may access funds in the event of a crisis or epidemic.


Several businesses have been on the rocks since the pandemic. Losing customers, money, and even their workforce. So, learning how to keep the business afloat even in the midst of disaster is one of the greatest skills of a business owner. 

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