Everything You Need to Know About Far-UV

Everything To Know About Far - UV

UV lights have been around for awhile, however, a more recent type of UV wavelength has made headlines because of how it is effective at dealing with the pandemic. But do you really know what Far-UV is all about?

We want to explore a few things that you should know about Far-UV so you know exactly what it can do for you, your family and your business. 

The Important Questions Surrounding Far-UV

The best way to explore just how powerful Far-UV is by answering the many questions surrounding it. Not only will answering these questions bring extra clarity into the topic of Far-UV, but it also lets you figure out whether you should use it in a home or business setting.

What is Far-UV?

Prior types of UV were effective at disinfecting surfaces. However, they were not safe for general use because of how they damage your skin and DNA. Prolonged UV exposure could lead to various disorders like liver spots, wrinkles and even cancer. Because of this, the use of UV was restricted to disinfecting rooms and tools in a medical setting. However, Far-UV drastically changes how UV is seen.

Is Far-UV Safe? 

We’ve mentioned how Far-UV has changed the perception of UV lights. Far-UV is a unique type of UV light that is in the middle ground between a strong disinfectant, and light that is safe for general use. Tests on Far-UV have shown that it is powerful enough to disinfect most bacteria and viruses, but safe enough for regular use around people. 

How is Far-UV Being Used Today?

The world has been in turmoil ever since the COVID pandemic arrived nearly a year ago. Many people have lost their lives to this pandemic, and experts have been scrambling to find new solutions to it. One of the solutions to this modern problem was to utilize Far-UV as a disinfection tool. 

Many startup businesses like Kryptolights and UV Ray Lights have started pioneering the use of Far-UV in businesses and homes. 

Does Far-UV Have Any Disadvantages?

Like all types of technology, Far-UV has its fair share of disadvantages you need to be aware of. One of it’s weaknesses is that a surface needs to be exposed to the light for a longer period of time 

Why Use Far-UV as a Disinfection Tool?

Before Far-UV, UV disinfection lights were bulky and harmful for people. However, with current developments in the technology, a Far-UV lamp can now fit in the palm of your hand. It’s easy to move around, while also minimizing the electrical bills of those that use it. Far-UV technology has come a long way from being bulky lamps that need technicians to move around and maintain, to small lamps that can fit in your hand. This makes it a perfect fit for businesses that want to minimize their costs while also ensuring the safety of employees and customers during a pandemic like the one we’re currently in.

Can You Use Far-UV With Other Disinfectants?

The answer to this question is a big “Yes”. A great reason to use Far-UV technology is due to how well it can mesh with other disinfectants. It is often not recommended to mix different disinfectants together due to how they could create a chemical reaction that can alter their effectiveness. However, Far-UV light doesn’t mess with the chemical composition of other disinfectants. This means that you can use both at the same time for double the disinfecting power.


The pandemic that we’re currently experiencing is certainly a major problem. However, knowing that Far-UV is there to keep businesses and homes safe is a relief. We hope this article is enough to show you how it can help during times of microbial crisis like the COVID pandemic. 

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