About Us

We all want a safe and healthy world for our families and loved ones. For me, this need hit closer to home. When COVID-19 swept the country, living with an autoimmune disorder went from inconvenient to isolating and dangerous. Suddenly the basic functions of everyday life, including getting groceries or socializing with other people, became real challenges. I knew there had to be a solution. Having a background in specialized lighting, such as the environmental impact of artificial lamps on wildlife, I had seen the power of light. Was it possible to harness the spectrum of light, especially the part almost invisible to our eyes, to help people fight the microscopic pathogens all around us? The result of this search is UV Ray Lights. Research has shown that there is a sweet spot in ultraviolet (UV) lighting, which while safe for humans is effective against germs. I am committed to bringing an affordable and friendly tool to our homes and businesses, allowing us all to interact and live more freely every day. —Ray, Co-founder

Is Far-UV safe for my skin/eyes?

  • Research has shown that Far-UV light is safe for human skin and eyes.

Please refer to the following study:

Exploratory clinical trial on the safety and bactericidal effect of 222-nm ultraviolet C irradiation in healthy humans

August 1, 2020

Can the UV range of 207-230nm kill Coronaviruses?

Please refer to this scientific study.

Far-UVC light (222 nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses

June 1, 2020

How can you ensure your lamp only delivers light in the Far-UV spectrum?

  • The materials in the lamp can only produce the nanometer ranges in the Far-UV spectrum.

Why is this type of lighting not more popular?

  • The cost of these fixtures are still cost prohibitive for most individuals.

Are there scientific studies published?

  • Yes! Please visit our Science Timeline for more information.

Can I put these lights outside?

  • Our fixtures are not waterproof. It is important for safety reasons that they are used only indoors and not in humid areas.

Are these lights FDA certified?

  • We make no medical claims for the device that would require FDA certification. in the UV range. We will continue to be in discussion with these organizations as more information becomes available and guidelines are adjusted.

Are your lights filtered?

  • These lamps do not emit UVC light above 230nm.

Do your lights attract insects?

  • These lights have the potential to attract insects outdoors. Our indoor lights are not meant for outdoor use and, therefore, should not unduly attract insects.

Is there an appropriate environment for this light?

  • Currently our lights are meant for indoor use only.

Will this UV light affect other materials around it?

  • It is doubtful that the light will affect other materials around it for the same reasons that it is safe for humans.

I am interested in working with your company. Where can I apply?

  • We love your enthusiasm and look forward to speaking with you more about joining our team! Please contact us for the latest info on current employment opportunities.