Bad Habits You Picked Up During Lockdown

We have been on strict protocols and lockdown for nearly two years already which has messed up our daily routines. And there is no doubt that some of us might have picked up bad habits since then. 

Being stuck at home for a long time has taken a toll on the majority of us. So, there might be habits that we might have created to help us cope with the daily stresses of life in a pandemic. Some of us create healthy and good habits to help us cope, however, some people might not have the same case. Some built unhealthy and bad habits to help them cope. These bad habits might be detrimental to our physical and mental health. 

So, what are these bad habits?

Stress Eating

The pandemic has caused us to experience high levels of stress due to not knowing what the future might hold for us. Hence, why many individuals tried to look for a way to de-stress. One of these de-stressors is to find comfort in food.

They help us feel happy by releasing neurotransmitters in the brain that influence our moods and emotions. This feels wonderful for only temporary, but these comfort foods are also high in carbohydrates, sugar, and bad fat. If this feeling does not go away, it can lead to a deadly cycle of cravings and crashes. This can also cause other health complications such as developing an eating disorder.

Not Exercising or Staying Active

Exercise and just staying active are beneficial to our health in more ways than one. As your heart rate rises during exercise, blood flow to your brain and muscles increases, carrying oxygen and other nutrients to cells. 

Forgetting or simply not staying active can become harmful to your overall health since it can cause heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more.

Social Media Binging

We’ve successfully re-immersed ourselves in our devices because we’ve spent much more time at home. Since realizing that tapping and browsing interact with brain chemistry in a way that resembles addiction, we should be working as a community to develop digital discipline. However, since social media has become such an easy way to escape our daily stresses, it’s frequently the first thing we reach for when we need a vacation from reality.

Using social media as an escape to reality is not healthy for our mental health. We become reliant and that could cause some problems in the future. Therefore, we must learn how to limit ourselves when using social media. 

Try different hobbies to help you become more productive such as reading, writing, baking, etc. Developing different hobbies will help us to not be too reliant on social media.


The pandemic has caused chaos now for over two years. A lot of things can happen in two years, hence why some of us have picked up these bad habits. However. These bad habits are not impossible to remove. As long as you take initiative to replace these bad habits with good ones. We’re all adapting in the best way we know-how, but be careful with your own expectations.

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